04 março 2012

|| looking for your egg yolk

I'm stupid when I try to say something good for you just because, in reality, I don't need a lot of words for you can read me. I'm not sure about a lot of things yet, but I'm sure that I really like you. Is that enough? I'm stupid, let me know it!

Or, just sing with me.. 'cause the music can listen our silence and translate it without us explicate it.

Someday, who knows, I can stop wasting time when I meet with the inspiration. Everyday, when I'm lost between alleys, I can find it, but.. everyday, I'm not sure if is really true or not. And now? Keep calm and carry on? I don't know, but go, go, go. We can't stop here.

What I need yet?

One day, who knows, I'll do it differently.

Go, soldiers, go! Here is not your place.

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